Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm kinda busy

There is nothing I like more in the world than being busy. Having so many things to do that "hold on, let me check in my iCal if Tuesday we can grab a drink". Paradise.
Already at age 15, it was work, pilates, art class, volleyball, Russian school, babysitting, yoga, seeing Monsieur… after a school day! It's been 4 years that I'm carrying two agendas in my bag and it makes me go crazy!
Being top busy, let's just say that it keeps me sharp. You look so important! Productive, efficient, paradise. And people treat you differently. (And you treat yourself differently).You become the model daughter, the model girlfriend, the model friend, you have it all.

So imagine me, in the summer. Tam tam tam.

Especially that now I finish work at 3. (Which is awesome except that->) Everybody finishes work at 6. And by 9 I'm in bed.

And on top of that, every weekend I drag myself ride far far away into the country, far enough so there's no internet. Where all I do is eat, swim, eat some more and then sleep.

All this to say that THANK GOD I just bought a Nikon D90! Or else it would have been the end of me.

So now I'm sooo busy reading the user's guide, I'm going to have to check with my iCal if we can go for drinks next…

The far far away
Hope you had a great week-end!

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