Tuesday, August 3, 2010

La Louisiane

I have friends with whom I keep in touch very easily. I have some other friends with whom no matter what you just can't meet more often than every other month. With, in mind, a determination to change that, yet again, I met up with Saralina tonight at La Louisiane.
Actually I arrived ten minutes early. And having checked online the night before, this was not a place where they took reservations, I was utterly shocked to see how the place (somewhat big) turned from empty to line-up-outside-in-the-pouring-rain in 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!

Now, going there, and having checked online the night before their menu section, I was determined to try their Cajun specialities. (Because I never had Cajun food before; or Creole for that matter, and this is what the place is all about). When I saw on their daily menu a very appealing pasta dish, I knew I would come back.

Then Saralina arrived.

And we both dived into our shrimp Creole (in a tomato sauce) with some jambalaya rice and chicken étouffé (in a dark creamy sauce) for me and vegetables with house rice for her. Succulent. Spicy. With some really good wine. Leaving us both with the desire of coming back for more.

Did I mention they have a dessert menu?

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