Thursday, July 29, 2010

About Me

I started my blogosphere plan with 4 little words : I can do it.

I first came across blogs in the fall of 2008. My friend introduced me to and shorty after Teen Vogue (March 09) wrote an article about it. It was then that I discovered seaofshoes and through something else I became aware (and very fond) of Garance Doré and the Sartorialist. Time has passed since and not once have I lost interest in this medium. I without doubt believe that blogs taught me so many things, they have inspired me and gave me infinite food for thought. This is why, partly, I started my blog.

No one would argue that there are many many blogs out there. What makes one sticky, transforming from a quaint web site to a home page?

I was, like the other half of this world, at first very impressed with Jane Aldridge's shoe collection. Blown away. Consider her age for a second! But sadly, to my realization and very unsurprisingly, Jane isn't the only girl in the world with enough money to fill a closet of Alaïas and Demeulemeester platforms. What strucks me to this day is how this girl, my junior by only a year, mixes 2$ thrift shop finds with almost-collectible-runway pieces. She stays grounded despite having Kanye West as a fan, and being invited to Italy for store anniversary parties. Jane Aldridge, you rock!

Another member of my favourites folder is the very french Garance. When I read some interviews of her a weekend ago I was deeply touched. This woman has some serious integrity. She is so funny and honest and talented. I'm waiting for a book of hers because...

I already have her boyfriend's on my bookshelf. I feel like somehow bloggers own it to this man for revolutionizing the blogosphere as we know it.
On top of his obvious charm, he knows what he's doing, a true artist and so romantic. Never before would I stop in the middle of what I'm doing/saying/thinking to admire how the X person across the street is dressed, sighting "Ah,how Sartorialist." 

Another blog I discovered lately and to which I aspire nonetheless : cupcakesandcashmere. Because her posts are so short yet welcoming and generous. Because she covers so many topics (from fashion to food to home improvement) all with absolutely perfect photography. Because she lives in L.A. I visit her site every morning. Other blogs, no matter how much I try, just don't click. Many are good. Fashionvibe(for Barcelona and amazing H&M and Zara finds), maisondesreveries (for lifting up your appetite) and modedamour. Having this said, I am always on the lookout for new blogs.

I'm very excited to see what the future holds for bloggers. Always amazed by how some posts can move oneself. It's their footsteps that I aim to follow.

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