Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gourmet Asian Fusion

On Monday, at work, I'm telling Geneviève how I want to go to La Louisiane… because I've never been… when she (I'm telling you, this is the best way to make people reveal their sacred food places= show doubt about where you're going) starts convincing me about going to the Gourmet Asian Fusion instead.

Ha! I scored another must-go place.

But you must hear this: Bring your own wine, Buffet à la carte, All you can eat.

Of course I went!

spring rolls
shrimp canapés
fried calamari
porc dumplings in peanut sauce
menu of 70 meals to choose from
scallops in ginger/shallot sauce
Thai chicken in coconut milk and red curry
eggplant with basil 
Singapour style noodles
wit an SAQ across the street, who wouldn't?

On top of everything shown, we had fish* in a ginger onion sauce and general Tao chicken (not pictured). We left extremely full and drunk and convinced that next time, we're coming back with a big group of people so I can taste everything on the menu. On a side note, the service was impressive. Thank you Geneviève! 4050 St-Denis, corner Duluth, 514-849-4641

*(a rarity, me having fish in a restaurant happens as often as me going to an all you can eat without sushi)

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