Friday, August 6, 2010

Pizzaresto Il Focolaio

Wednesday: It's the Design fest, let's go!!! Because a)every year it's in June, and I'm never in Montreal in June, b)it's the festival's 10 year-anniversary c)all the top of the top Montreal designers are showing d)I just have to go!

But it's pouring rain outside. With thunder showers.

Thursday: On location with Monsieur in one hand, camera in another, ready to…


"Bring me somewhere I haven't been yet. Like that pizza place you told me about".

     And now, let me tell you, Monsieur has no internal sense of direction. And even less of a memory chip.

(…) After some time he thinks remembers it's on the Phillip's Square. Ha! The place my coworker Annie told me about last week. With the yellow sign?

And that's how we ended up at Il Focolaio.

Just so you know, they have 75 different pizzas to choose from. (And if you think that you can add anything you want to your pizza as an extra, this number becomes infinity). I tried La Parisienne and Monsieur had the Montreale. The crust is not as it is in Italy but very close. My pizza was so loaded with mushrooms I thought I would transform into Mario and get an upgrade. The house wine is cheap and complements well (I tried red) the Italian meal. Prices are 10.50-14.25$ per pizza. The place is big and crowded and very Italian, with a big wood oven stove in the back.

But here comes more fun; As we arrive on McGill College avenue, at 9:10, of course, it starts pouring rain again. And we waited until 10:35 for the show to start. I was so disappointed, becauseIonlystayedforfiveminutes, thank god Robyn exists! Go check out her blog, for some real fashion coverage.

***If you're downtown check out the Festival's La Boutique, it has clothes and accessories from over 30 local designers, so many of whom I never heard about before.

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  1. Ahahahahahahahaha! Mario!!! Ah honey, you made a little joke, good for you! Lol!