Sunday, August 8, 2010

Échantillons Art exhibit

Whenever my incredibly talented friend Alexander Boyadjiev has an art exhibition, I try to go. So yesterday, at the Gallery CTRLLAB on St-Laurent, I went to check out his new work.

Alex has a very distinctive style, a rarity for someone his age. His drawings are of such complexity, very technical and organic at the same time. On top of his drawings, he recently worked on a movie producing the storyboard. It's going to be featured in an upcoming movie festival, I'll keep you posted!

His brother Nicolay, an architect student, was there as well, with a few pieces of his own. I wasn't aware that he did art exhibitions and was curiously surprised by what I saw:

A reproduction in carton of the St-Laurent area, street by street. Impressive, huh? Only, it's not done by hand (as I thought), it's digitally drawn and cut out by laser. Then once assembled, it could be hanged on a wall, but because it's so malleable, you can alter the shape, sort of like a carton accordion. On the pictures, he took it off the wall and showed me how it bends. The little dots on the side? A code (the Braille system) for Nicolay to assemble the pieces easier.

I really enjoyed my time at the Gallery. I'm always excited to see what these boys have to offer and what they're working on next.

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  1. Merci Julia!

    J'aurais bien aime le voir en vrai, mais au moins je peux le voir sur ton blog =)

    Incoyable comme toujours, Boyadjiev!