Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I ♡

For mysterious reasons I have yet to de-code, I've had always a harder time deciding things that I like to things that I didn't like.

In fashion that is.

Walking into a store, I'll nope, nope, nah a million times before I find something I'm borderline content with. If out of context, someone asks me what is it I like for the upcoming season I ugh…. sense a migraine approaching. Dislike? Socks with heels, straw and wood in shoes, clogs, religiousness especially in the upcoming season and did I tell you about…

Am I a fashion pessimist?
No, just a fashion designer.

But! Just for you, I've put some braincells in motion and dug far far (@ style.com) for things I actually like for fall 2010.

OK. forget everything I said- I like like like…
Michael Kors sweaters
Shoes like this. It's about time.
Dries Van Noten
And, la crème de la crème, ISABEL MARANT FALL 2010. Presently wishing 95% of it was in my closet. So fabulous, go see for yourself here!

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