Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mmmm... Yeh!

I was walking down St-Catherine street yesterday, when my eye caught two women with big plastic cups of something very delicious looking. And then I saw yeh!, a frozen yogurt café that just opened next door of 3 Amigos. Inside, it's a whole make-your-own self-service concept, with the friendly staff explaining to me that you choose your flavours (cheesecake, raspberry, blueberry, mango, lime, litchi, chocolate, banana, and two that are dairy-free: orange and bloody red orange), the quantity of, then add toppings (everything from gummy bears to raspberries to cookie dough) and pay everything by weight.
They also have crepes. The place extends into the back where big colourful pillows replace chairs on the floor which makes it a popular university hang-out spot. 
I tried a swirl of chocolate and banana (very good), some cheesecake and raspberry topped with cookie dough. The only thing: it's cash only. Start emptying your piggy bank :)

Yeh! Yogourt Glacé Et Café on Urbanspoon


  1. There's also one on Monkland next to Second Cup. Really cute and cool ! :)

  2. I've seen it a couple of times, but never went in... sounds awesome! (The one on Monkland has been-bag chairs outside!)

  3. Yeh is just like Pinkberry where all the celebs go in Hollywood! So delicious and I love how you can put practically anything on top!

  4. I just went to the one on monkland. It's smaller, they don't have crepes, and there's not as many flavors but they have different ones. They have watermelon (yummy), cotton candy (I was soooooo excited but then I was very disappointed because it tasted like nothing), and *drum roll* PINA COLADA (I didn't get to try any since they run out of it)!