Monday, September 20, 2010

Chez Ennio

Whenever I go to the basement-level Maisonneuve and du Fort restaurant, I know I'll come out satisfied. Chez Ennio oozes coziness and comfort. The decor is kitschy and the music classic. The little often packed ristorante is filled with regulars, or group dinners, people who all know what they came in for. The prices might seem high, but in this BYOW place, the portions are huge. On the several occasions that I've been there, never finished my plate. Consider this and share a meat dish and a pasta dish with a friend or your significant other.
What to try: "Cordon Bleu" veal (the reason I go there), Ennio pasta, fish, eggplant entrée... ask for the choix du jour. Ennio will treat you to something you won't regret.

This time I tried the fettuccine Alfredo dish and have to say it is not your typical Alfredo cream-based pasta, this one has a pronounced cheese flavour. In other words, the real deal. If you're a cheese lover, go for it.
On another note, I never tried their dessert. Though I'm sure they're mouth-watering, I always end up being too full for dessert. If you try some, please report! And don't forget, the SAQ is just around the corner...

fettuccine Alfredo

"Cordon Bleu" veal

vegetables du jour
potatoes with garlic

minestrone soup

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