Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bangkok Express

Tonight we went as a whole family for supper to Bangkok Express (on Monkland) to celebrate my Mom's birthday. I suggested the place because a) it's close to where we live (unlike the previous Express) b)I went there for the first time a few days after my recent trip to New York and was amazed by their quality considering the paltry sum of money my meal costed and c) I really wanted to go there again, simply as that.

Furthermore, I find that Bangkok Express tastes authentic. I'm not a thai aficionado, just a little obsessed with coconut milk, but having been to a Laos-Thai authentic restaurant for an anthropology project a year earlier, I can remember some of their traditional meals like sticky rice and papaya salad, all of which you can find on Bangkok's menu as well. I had a chicken green curry which had too much galangal to my taste. (The only reason I know what galangal is is because I was helping the cook during this). I gulped mouthfuls of my Mom's cashew shrimp and my sister's Pad Thai. And instead of the usual fortune cookie, they bring you coconut cookies for dessert. This makes me really really happy.
 Voga, one of my favourite white wines
 birthday girl
 spring rolls, as the menu says" with or without shrimp"... are you feeling lucky?
 peanut dumplings
 shrimp with basil
 chicken green curry
cashew shrimp
 pad thai
 I love you Mom!
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