Monday, July 12, 2010

Ofkoress I'm obsessed

Ever since I got back from Germany, my complexion is illuminating, my hair uber shiny, my skin head to toe moisturized like never before.

You see, I'm always on the lookout for the newest best cosmetic product. I countlessly hunt for a new brand. A new magic potion. That will dimish the size of my under-eye dark circles. Make my skin glow. My pores shrink. My hair reflect light like no hair reflected light before.

And here I was in Munich, trying to explain to my cousin that in Berlin I found it, a brand which makes products of natural purity, which costs a fortune in Montreal, but made in Germany, there they cost puff… nothing and there's so amazing and…
Naha, my cousin says.
It's not good
"What do you mean it's not good?"
It's not as natural as it claims to be. You know what's good?
(and here, readers, open your ears real good)

So there you go. I'm absolutely obsessed. I practically threw away every product I owned in pre-koress times. (And before I used to collection my magic potions. Now, I can't wait to get home to finish my Koress samples (because my cousin got me so many as soon as the secret was out). As soon as I finish them, I'm buying the store. Scratch that, I'm flying to Athens and buying the whole brand.

That's how good it is.

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