Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saint-Sauveur's Brûlerie des Monts

Because I'm so bad with posting things on the day of (my blog should be re-named three weeks later), here's something from not one but two week-ends ago. Actually there's really no point of me stating dates here because….
Whenever I have the need to disappear from the face of the earth… I go to Saint Sauveur to Monsieur's chalet. And whenever I do that, I inevitably find myself at the Brûlerie des Monts. Now, this is the only place I know that sells Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. (Not that I drink that (at 10$ an espresso) but just saying…)

On the pictures: Choco-Albino-Alto, a white cake, chocolate cake, more white cake with raspberry coulis and flakes of chocolate. Chocolate marble cheesecake. Lattéccino and a Suprême de noisettes.
On our way to the lake, we were attacked by cute little dogs. I love how everything is so green… a perfect getaway to escape Montreal's +40℃ heat.

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