Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carte à gratter

from a photograph of The Sartorialist, scraperboard

I don't know what happened to me today or what I put in my coffee this morning.

I was at my art class earlier finishing a work (the one above) when my mouth opens and blabs out:

Can you give me a design project?… I finish work at 3… I have SOOO MUCH FREE TIME. (Now in my mind this means something like this: a collection to draw, outfits to coordinate on paper, some fashion illustration).

She (my art class teacher) (who knows me since forever) (who is my biggest mentor) stops for a second and goes:

Make me a bag.

That has a place for a cell phone. And a lunch. And a wallet adjusted inside. That is big and soft. With adjustable straps.


So I'm sitting there, smiling.

PEOPLE, see you in one year. I have a bag to make.

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