Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reuben's Deli

Victory. At last, I left some space for their famous cheesecake. Or should I just admit that I was thaaat hungry.

Reuben's, ze Montreal classic par excellence (well there is always ze other classic, Schwartz's)(I'll let you know when I go). It's located in the heart of downtown, and it makes a perfect business lunch or pre-hockey game spot. You come here for the smoked meat, for the cheesecake, for how crowded it is at peak business lunch/supper hours. I once came here with a friend, so randomly yet spontaneously, and we took their Famous Super Sandwich, to share, because, of course, the portions are voluminous. It was so good. And an hour into our supper, we ordered the Reuben's sandwich... to share.

This Tuesday though, at last, I left some space for their famous cheesecake, and ...

 Their famous super sandwich
 The Reuben's sandwich
 Turkey Melt

It was too cottage cheesy for my taste. (I'm not on the cottage cheese (or anything too cheese) team). But we ate it all anyway.

Reuben's is a carnivorous treat where you feel very Montrealish and proud to be. 

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  1. Thanks! You have a lovely blog :)

  2. I agree about the cheesecake. Too rich! The key lime pie for me is the perfect light and refreshing desert after such a hearty meal!