Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buffet Bravo

I love this tie! The guy wearing it actually plays the instrument
birthday girl with beautiful Katia
everybody dancing

Kids, my Russian roots aside, don't drink endless vodka shots on an empty stomach. Because then you have nothing to write about the food you barely ate at Buffet Bravo.

Here are some things that I somehow remember: Buffet Bravo is so typically Russian I found it hilarious the moment I walked in. (You bump into people you haven't seen in years. If you're Russian that is, beware!) We had a great selection of Russian entrées at our table, and they had a buffet with main meals, salads and dessert in the back. On week-ends they have live music (very very Russian live music) with (wait for it!) female dancers that came out of the Rio Carnival. I don't see the Russian connection here but it sure makes it a party! Add the bring your own wine vodka, and I can really see why it's full considering it's far-away-from-where-Russian Montrealers-live-location.

And next time I'm going there to actually have a taste of their food with all the non-Russian people I've been promising a Russian experience for years. Now I'm excited! I doubt we won't have fuuunnnn...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! When can I come?

  2. Was there on october 15 for supper with a group of friends. Can say that the food is fantastic. Cabbage rolls,varanekes, borcht,roast beef,desserts were so good.Just like my mother-in-law's cuisine and she is the best cook in this Eastern European type of food.I recommend very highly.