Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Le Fuchsia

For more than two years I've been studying in the same building yet until today I've never set foot in the basement-level student-run restaurant Le Fuchsia. Two words: I've been blown away.

Not only is the service fantastic, but the food... When you're seated, you're given a menu with something like this: entrées (lobster bisque, tuna tartar, terrine of grilled vegetables, amongst other things of the same grandeur), then main meals (fish curry, pan fired sole, some other type of fish, duck à l'orange, lamb shank, beef in Roquefort, veal in garlic sauce, fettuccine with prosciutto, mascarpone and arugula and I think I covered it all. Dessert is tiramisu, chocolate cake, millefeuille, creme brulée...
The catch? This is only this week's menu. Beware: next week's could be better.
And here's the thing: the price is (wait for it!) at most 10.95$.
For the three course meal.
Coffee or tea included.

 tuna tartar with avocado and mango
 lobster bisque
 veal in garlic sauce with linguine
 beef in Roquefort sauce with potato puree, asparagus and vegetable ragu
field berry millefeuille

My tuna entrée was exciting. Even my friend who doesn't (ever) do seafood tried it with success. I tasted her bisque and it was very salty (she didn't finish it, of course. It's seafood). When my main came, I took a bite of the veal and was instantly transported to a foreign land. A place where my mother made me ragu when I was a child, and it was juicy and chewy and it simply melted at the touch of my tongue. When I came back to myself I thought, my Monsieur will definitely like this place.
My friend's beef was as good if not better than my veal. Well cooked but still juicy, with a smooth hint of Roquefort, with heavenly warm vegetable ragu and creamy potato puree. Her tiramisu was what a tiramisu is supposed to be, unlike the dessert we pass as "tiramisu" most of the time. It tasted of fresh mascarpone cheese and was not too sweet, just perfect. My millefeuille was hard to cut (I'm slowly starting to accept that all millefeuilles are a pain to cut) but provided me spoonfulls of joy.

I think I found the best bargain in town, and all this time it was under my nose.

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