Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 Amigos Wednesdays

3 Amigos is one Montreal hot spot. Add the Wednesdays Fajita night feature to the formula and well, you've got perhaps the most crowded restaurant in town. I can't call it gourmet cuisine, but I can assure you, at 3 Amigos, every meal is a fiesta.

I love the spicy salsa they serve you with home made tostitos before your meal. That when I order fajitas on Wednesdays, they come in three minutes flat. That drinks are so huge you'll regret not sharing them. And on those rare occasions when I go there not on Wednesdays, I love taking tostadas.

Another reason their fajitas are a must: they are served on a painter's palette-like platter. The sour cream, salsa, bean paste and guacamole served in little cups. You instantly feel in charge of your own mexican concoction. Like a mini-chef. The food, the price, the ambiance- I love it. And that's the reason I, like thousands of other Montrealers, keep coming back for more.

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  1. That hand looks familiar... Great fajitas! Great friends!!!