Sunday, October 3, 2010


Months ago, a friend at work suggested I tried L'Avenue for brunch one day. She warned me I would have to wait in line, and that the place had incredible pancakes and french toast. That's totally my kind of breakfast.

So this cold October morning, at last, we went to see what all the fuss was about. The four of us arrived at 11:10 and got a table only an hour later. (Had we been 2, it would have taken half the time). Seated in a booth, with clubbing music blasting in the background, you quickly get it: the place is hip.
Then a forever later, our waiter came to bring us the menu, which was hipster and confusing to say the least. We order and wait...

At that point, we're a) frozen, b) starving, c) wondering why we didn't go to Chez Cora. Around 1 o'clock, our breakfast arrives.

Monsieur had a Bon Ben Moi Je Prends Toutte!, which in translation means something like: Well I'm Taking It All. The meal does justice to it's name. It absolutely has all the manly breakfast food you can think of: eggs, french toast, ham, bacon, sausage, creton, potatoes, beans, fruit, toast, everything! I had the chocolate, banana and walnut American pancakes, all five of them, a portion impossible to finish! Anna and Lucia took the Delicieux Fruité, which was almost a I'm Taking It All. Our food tasted amazing. Considerably better than your usual Tutti Frutti or Chez Cora. The portions were huge. I took a bite of Lucia's french toast and almost died. The garlic potatoes, the scrambled eggs, everything had so much flavour to it.

We left extremely full, but I'm still deciding if it was worth the wait...

 strawberry mango smoothie
 Bon Ben Moi Je Prends Toutte!
 my heavenly American pancakes with chocolate, walnuts and bananas, in warm maple sirup
 real chocolate, not Nutella
 my friend's Delicieux Fruité
trop belle!

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  1. I've never been there for brunch, but definitely will try after this =P I have been for supper however, and it's an absolute delight! I'm not a big pasta person (or sauce for that matter)but this place really got me to love it!