Thursday, June 10, 2010

somehow French women don't get fat

With three days in the City of Light under my belt, I have a lot of delicious food pictures to share with you.
On our first day, after wandering around the city for a really long while, on our way home we bought a baguette at, what we later found out through Google, one of Paris's best bakeries. Just around the corner from where we're staying. Extra niiice!
So we went there yesterday morning and got croissants:

And today, it was feuilletés au chocolat:

Here is what the display looks like:

With a café noissette... or three
(Also around the corner)

But that's just breakfast

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  1. *DROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL* I'm dying of jealousy as I sip my nabob coffee and nibble on some toast. is my mom. I'm sure somehow in Paris the weight you gain is different like its currency, you divide it by 1.3 when you change continents back to North America ;)