Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amélie's Deux Moulins

I apologize again for my blog being less STEPintoMYDay and more STEPintoAweekAgo, but nonetheless...

Listen to me very clearly! If you haven't watched Amélie Poulain, RENT IT RIGHT NOW. Last Sunday, Monsieur and I went to Les Deux Moulins for lunch. The décor hasn't lost of its Amélie magic, the menu has a cocktail in each character's name and I tried Amélie's crème brulée (you have to come to Paris solely for this crème brulée).

I had a Italian salad and Monsieur had their "brunch". A plethora of really delicious foods: fresh pressed orange juice, a hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, sausage, baked potato with garlic sauce, coleslaw, salad and toast with crème brulée (in Paris, they have dessert after brunch). My salad was arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto with croutons, all in a very mouthwatering balsamic dressing.

And now let me tell you about their crème brulée. I may not be an expert in crème brulée, but let me assure you- this is by far the best crème brulée I ever had. It's interior is creamy and warm while the caramelized top is crunchy and full of flavour. With each mouthful (even if it wasn't actually mine I couldn't share) I kept thinking (eyes closed) "I'm in Paris, thisissogood. I'm in ..."

Outside the café, on rue Lepic there was a bike race going on around rue the Montmartre area (which is a hill, with streets as wide as North America's sidewalk) (imagine!) and Algeria/ Slovenia soccer match playing at that moment, people cheering on the top of their lungs and all I'm thinking is "I'm in Paris, thiscrèmebruléeissogood."

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