Thursday, June 24, 2010

Impressions sur Paris & Notes

The first few days I couldn't understand Paris. I couldn't understand how people can afford Paris. Everything is considerably more expensive. And somehow everyone had Chanel. Maybe Chanel owners do live on caffeine and nicotine (and an occasional baguette) , or maybe they all know that Karl goes to Colette, meet him there and beg for discounts (?). What is sure is that the French have style. On any street, at any time of the day, any day, you can spot a French girl head to toe chic in heels. Back in Montreal, we wear heels for pfff… clubbing. There are no flip-flops here in Paris. There’s an occasional pair of Lanvin flats. Even older ladies are uber heel-wearing-everywhere fabulous. I was eating lunch today (this post was written in the airport on Tuesday, IknowI’msobehind) on rue St-Honoré, when in front of me a woman on a bike stops, reapplies some lipstick and continues her way down the street. Ah! Paris!

Here’s a list of outfits I kept seeing:

  • slouchy trousers
  • black pumps, skinny dark jeans (the skinnier and darker the better)
  • white shirts
  • lots and I mean lots of boyfriend jackets
  • marinières
  • minimal pant/jean + top but great heels and a great bag
  • ALWAYS a cigarette in hand
  • dark, monotone colors, not much print
  • black tights + shorts on top

Tourists are easily recognizable (even us... no matter how much we tried to blend in) but dress great. OK. well perhaps not all and I won’t name names (nationalities)… but I must say I saw many tourists who would get my fashion seal of approval.

*BOOKSTORE of Les Arts Décoratifs

If you’re slightly interested in design, decorative arts, fashion, be prepared to spend two hours there (which is what I did on Monday, the one day the museum was closed).

*When coming to Paris, bring an empty luggage. This is perhaps a note to self, but having under-packed (no really, Monsieur’s luggage is twice bigger than mine) I desperately need place for every cheaper-than-in-Montreal thing I bought. Like alcohol. Or LaRoche Posay. Or Isabel Marant. (it’s what I called my petite folie #1) But that’s because we don’t have Isabel Marant in Montreal. In fact, next time I’m coming to Paris, it will be exclusively for shopping. I’m starting a savings account as you're reading this :)

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