Wednesday, June 9, 2010

je kiffe Paris

It was my second day in Paris today and I'm ecstatic! It's so fabulous, it's so chic, it's so cliché french, it's exhausting. If you have a cigarette in one hand, a coffee in another, you are seeted at a café, dressed in slimming black and have a polished haircut, you fit in perfectly, which is what I was trying to do. Except for the cigarette and the polished haircut. And the camera instead of the cigarette. And a map on the café table.

Here is the list of my 1st impressions:
* 5 minutes into landing, and before even picking up their luggage, all the women's running shoes morphed into heels. Amazing
* french men are wayyy too good looking
* there is a café on every corner, and all the café's chairs face the street so you're forced to sip and people-watch
* there is an egg in every salad/pizza/meal on the menu. And I'm by choice allergic to eggs.
* even 5 year-olds are stylishly chic
* the French party a lot. Even on a Wednesday. (Who parties on a Wednesday?)
* there are too many japanese restaurants (and all cost four times what I'd pay back home)
* the tax is included, how amazing! And you almost don't have to tip. but then you divided everything by 1.3, how unfabulous...
* the food. there's a whole post coming up about that. inspired by

Bonne nuit!

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