Monday, January 31, 2011

Maison Bulgogi

On a -30℃ day like two Sundays ago, I love to find myself at Maison Bulgogi for a hot bowl of soup.

I discovered the location with a Chinese friend a year ago. I had the recommended Beef Soup and my companion had a Black Goat Soup. This time, I was determined to try their namesake, the Bulgogi. As it turns out, Bulgogi means barbecue in Korean.

Kim-chi (spicy pickled cabbage), soft potatoes, seaweed salad and bean sprouts are served before your meal, along with some tea. I am a fan of none of these things but my parents and sister attacked them delightfully.

My chicken Bulgogi came first (I also ordered shrimp, you need a minimum of two to cook it at your table). The waiter turned on the cooker under the table and we began to stir-fry the chicken. With the stir-fry you get lettuce leaves (to wrap your BBQ inside) (still today this seems to me as a genius idea)(will replicate at home). The marinate was very sweet, maybe too sweet, but it didn't stop us from finishing the plate in minutes. The shrimp Bulgogi was very good but what I really enjoy here is the Beef soup #8, especially on a cold day like that Sunday.

seaweed salad
soft potatoes
bean sprouts
marinated Chicken Bulgogi
Black Goat Soup
Beef and Octopus Soup
#8 Beef Soup
marinated Shrimp Bulgogi
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