Monday, January 24, 2011

Juliette & Chocolat

Juliette & Chocolat is sweet. Literally.

Every friend of mine has been there, or so it seems. I discovered the St-Laurent location a month ago, during my birthday celebrations, and was really glad to be back. This time it was T.K.'s birthday and as a group of 6, we ordered 3 Double Duo Chocolate Fondues. And Savvy had extra profiteroles. And I'm crying now because I didn't try them. See picture below.

Everything here leaves you wanting for more, more, more... And when you order a second time (convinced you didn't have enough) all you want is more... water. Because Juliette & Chocolat is the real deal. Their hot chocolate is the Mayan kind (I made this up- the Mexican Riviera must be still in my mind) is the traditional, rich, European kind (there's a whole menu to it- with alcohol or without- the chocolate comes from all over the world). Last time I tried a Fondant au chocolat nappé et au caramel salé : whatever it was it melted my heart. They also have non-sweet crêpes for the boyfriends who tag along lunch, or supper. The St-Laurent location is very big/ ideal for groups but maybe the Laurier & St-Denis ones offer more privacy? Can I scream VALENTINE'S DAYYY!!!

 Chocolate Fondue comes in bitter/semi-sweet/milk and white chocolate
 Pineapple, black berries, apples, pears, bananas, oranges, kiwi... but (this I don't get) no strawberries
 Profiteroles... so. regretting. of. not. stealing. a. bite.
Birthday boy
So, see you there on Valentine's? I'll be in the corner finishing my seconds, asking for more water


  1. Sweet... Literally!!!! haha
    Your blog is amazazing!