Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chu Chai

Last Friday night*, I made a huge gastronomical discovery. I went to Chu Chai.

Chu Chai is an award-winning gourmet Thai vegetarian restaurant located on St-Denis. Inside, the atmosphere is - in Quebec we say flyé. Upscale, really cool, very now-this-is-a-nice-place, so-glad-I-brought-my-people-here. I brought people there because Monsieur went there and swore it was amazing. Monsieur, who, at the mention of "it's tofu" stops eating, told me he wouldn't have known his duck was real meat or not, so much it was A-mazing.

Welcome to Chu Chai.

We started with their famous 5 flavour bites: a mix of grated coconut, ginger and other spices on a spinach leaf. The finger food is very interesting, perhaps the most experimental dish I've had of late. The mango salad had so much texture to it and the dumplings were heavenly. I stayed true to my coconut milk obsession and ordered the chicken in coconut milk, green curry and basil. It was fresh, tasted what I  wanted and more. My dad's shrimp surprised me (prior to Chu Chai I imagined tofu ground beef, but tofu chicken? shrimp? duck?) - and what a great imitation of real shrimp it was! The noodle dish was very spicy, but I was warned. And now, the reason you must go to Chu Chai... the Ped Palo, also known as crispy duck. When you go, let me know if you think its tofu or real because Istillcan'tbelieveit'svegetarian.

Miam Kram: Bouchées 5 saveurs / 5 Flavour finger food, winner of best finger food among the top 50 chefs of Quebec in 2005
Yam Mamuang: mango salad
Kiao Satay: peanut sauce dumpling
Khiao Wan Gai: chicken in green curry, coconut milk and basil
Koung Himaparn: shrimp with cashew nuts and pineapple
Ped Kemow: rice noodles with duck, egg, chili and basil
Ped Palo: crispy duck, soya sauce and spinach
Lychee for dessert and green tea ice cream (not pictured)

*2 weeks ago, I had problems posting this
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  1. We have such a similar restaurant in the Netherlands, it is amazing!