Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guide to Valentine's Day in Montreal

We're a day away from the sweetest holiday of the year. Here are some itineraries of activities you can do with your special someone, friends or family.

Option #1
- Go skating in the Old Port outdoor skating rink and admire the view of the Marché Bonsecours
- Grab a cupcake at Les Glaceurs (voted by my friends to be the best cupcake spot in Montreal)

Option #2
- Spend a few hours at Ceramic Cafe Studio and bring home (a week later) a self-painted souvenir!
- Head to Juliette & Chocolat on St-Denis (smaller then the St-Laurent location) to satisfy your sweet tooth for the year to come...

Option #3
- Stay at home and watch { Love actually / Valentine's Day / Moulin Rouge / The Notebook / Beauty and the Beast / Lady and the Tramp / Gone with the Wind... }
- Bake something delicious inspired by Bakerella (she has countless Valentine's Day recipes)

Option #4
- Go out to the most romantic restaurant* (that would be something French or Italian in my book) where the lights are dimmed and the music cheesy
- Take a little walk post-supper and enjoy the moment, simple. as. that.
*this would be the place you know better than me, which satisfies your most decadent craving and leaves you always with smiles

No matter what you end up doing, remember to wear red, send air kisses to everyone and end the day with a sugar overdose, happy Valentine's Day!

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