Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Recap

You turn 20 and you forget about your blog. Ah, adulthood.

I'm just kidding. You turn 20 in the middle of Exam week (followed by Project week) (followed by two very intense days (this past week-end) of finishing curtains for your neighbours, cleaning your room (severely damaged by Exam week and Project week), making sure you ordered all your gifts on amazon and packing because Monday night you're leaving to Mexico (pronounce Méhhhico).

Yes, I'm SÜPER LUCKY. I'm also SÜPER NOT realizing that I'll be at the beach in 16 hours because all I can think of is I FINISHED (my) COLLECTION PROJECT! (Many stages of which I took pictures of, and I'll be posting them as soon as I get back from Méhhhico).

These past two weeks felt like a never-ending journey. Here's a recap of my birthday:

 You can't spell Birthday without Spa day!  I am the luckiest person in the world to share my birthday with my best friend, and every year we head to AuPremier Spa to remind ourselves that the 8th of December is our favourite day of the year!
 AuPremier is the most relaxing place, a little gem located in the Monkland Village
 Fries at java U for lunch- I know, you go to java U for j Ice, not fries, but my friend hooked me up on these last spring and that's the only reason I go to java U now. They come with three dipping sauces and remind me of Frites Alors...
 my sister, who turns 15 exactly two weeks after my birthday
 moules & frites at l'Académie, my choice of restaurant to celebrate the day
*these mussels were fantastic, cooked in white wine
 potage du jour
 a succulent salad, part of the table d'hôte
 linguine with seafood
 my duck and mushroom risotto
 lamb shank
 when you wear a crown, you get...
 free chocolate-mousse-birthday cake!
 which turned out to be the best mousse of my life (my 6 guests agreed), really rich, not too sweet... piece of advice-head to l'Académie wearing a crown
and some rocky road cheesecake
L'Académie is a great french/italian bring-your-own wine restaurant, for pasta and mussels&fries they offer great quality food for a good value.

Now, I'm off to decorate our Christmas tree with my family... before jetting off to the beach.
Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! See you in a week :)

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